Idea #6 – Hackathon holidays

I have an idea – a lot of software engineers would rather take time off to learn skills or work on a project than “relaxing” in a beach town.

I got admit, I’m one of those people. I have done a couple times that I got holidays to work on a project or two. I had a great time just working on something that brings me happiness and it is highly beneficial to my career.

Now let’s say I could combine learning, career improvement, relaxing and experiencing different cultures overseas. Here is how I think it would be cool. First there is a list of available courses or projects to work, location and dates that it will happen. After purchasing it, you just need to organise the flights. Or better yet, maybe the flights are part of package.

Imagine how cool having a 10 days developing a cool app while enjoying the sun in Thailand? Maybe companies would even sponsor you

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