Idea #5 – Plot fines on the map for statistics

I have an idea – if you received a fine, plot it in google maps. Why? It would be interesting to see what spots get the most fines and if they actually work for the community or they are just money grabbing by the government.

I live in Melbourne, where is quite famous for the amount of speed cameras sneakily hidden around the super slow highways. When I said super slow, I mean 80km/h on a 3 lanes smooth pavement on the way to the airport. It is very frustrating! And to make things worse, there are several speed cameras hidden.

Let’s say you get fine, just go to this website, find the location on the map and add your ticket to it. I think it would be fair to request a photo proof of the fine.

The maps at some point will be quite handy to understand why certain place was selected and who is benefiting from it.

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